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History, Mission & Goals

Mildred Elley has been educating the greater Capital District in career-focused programs for over 100 years.


Mission Statement

The mission of Mildred Elley is to provide quality career education and technical training to allow students of diverse educational, cultural and personal backgrounds to become successful in an ever-changing global economy. Mildred Elley strives to afford students quality placement opportunities and instill in all of our graduates a desire for lifelong education and learning.

Institutional Goals

Curricula: To offer a well-rounded academic experience that combines professional education and liberal arts and sciences to better prepare our students for careers in a variety of professional fields in health and wellness, business and technology, and service to others, and for advancement to further higher education.

Faculty: To develop an outstanding faculty consisting of individuals who are highly qualified by experience and preparation and dedicated to individual student development.

Students: To provide a wide range of academic and student services, including academic advisement, financial aid, tutoring, career counseling, organized activities, and support services that are dedicated to individual student development and life-long learning.

Resources: To support the academic learning environment with facilities that are student-centric, to provide strong technology resources, and to ensure a safe, respectful, diverse, and collegial learning community for students, faculty, and staff.